SOMA automation technology

We can create assembly solutions individually tailored to your needs, with an appropriate degree of automation that is consistent and expandable.

  • You need flexible assembly systems that enable „lean production“ following the one piece flow principle.

  • You would like investment-friendly, modular assembly solutions for production start-up and phase-out, which can continue to be used unchanged in highly automated systems after reaching peak production.
  • Your automation facilities include special processes that go beyond the usual handling and feeding processes, such as ultrasonic or resistance welding, laser lettering, greasing, etc.

  • You would like to integrate test processes into the automation systems.

Automation solutions from SOMA

Learn more about our solutions in the field of automation.

flexTAC – test automation

With the development of flexTAC®, SOMA has created a test automation concept enabling the consistent use of standardised testing and process modules from sample manufacturing to serial production.

Assembly systems

The demands placed on the assembly system are as individual as your product. SOMA plans and constructs complete assembly systems for mechanical, mechatronic and electronic products.


SOMA consistently relies on industrial robot technology both for the automation of assembly processes and in its test systems. Especially in applications where high flexibility is required.