Assembly systems

Assembly systems from SOMA

SOMA plans and constructs complete assembly systems for the creative assembly of mechanical, mechatronic and electronic products. Systems from SOMA are not only used successfully in the automotive sector, but also for products in the electrical and household appliance industries.

A strong team

As a competent system partner, we provide a complete assembly technology solution from a single source, from planning and design through to implementation and service.

The production of assembly systems requires a high degree of interdisciplinary skills as all properties of the individual parts have a direct impact as the last production step during assembly and have to be considered in the layout of assembly systems.

SOMA employs highly qualified staff in the fields of planning, design, software development, control technology and assembly. It has therefore developed the required expertise over many years and has successfully implemented this in numerous assembly systems worldwide.

Standards to achieve an individual system

The demands placed on the assembly system are as individual as your product. 

SOMA provides you with a customised system; from a small assembly device through to full automation. We develop and implement specific solutions for individual processes based on standardised modules. We also consistently use standard components from our suppliers, combining them into a customised overall system.
System interfaces are reduced to a minimum, since we also integrate our own test technology into our assembly systems. This shortens the realisation time for your SOMA assembly system, reduces costs and last but not least it benefits the quality of your products.