SOMA industrial robots

SOMA consistently relies on industrial robot technology both for the automation of assembly processes and in its test systems.

The use of industrial robots offers technical and economic advantages, especially in applications requiring high levels of flexibility, e.g. as a result of complex movements and processes, a wide range of variants or in the event of a change to the parts.
Exactly reproducible processes and their high precision mean that industrial robots also contribute to ensuring that your products are produced in a consistently high quality.

Industrial robots are multi-talented

Whether SCARA, articulated robots or Cartesian system: the application options for our robot systems extend far beyond the pure handling of parts. Our systems do of course use robot and axis systems for palletising functions, for instance. Yet robotic applications can achieve so much more: they join and assemble, apply lubricants, test, measure and control – quickly and reliably. Depending on the production environment, we implement your stand-alone or concatenated system in an assembly line or on a rotary indexing table.

Customised robot systems

SOMA assists you with your application right from the start: we determine the optimum system for your task, perform cycle time, workspace and collision observations, coordinate mechanical, electrical and data interfaces, build and integrate the complete system including the necessary gripper tools and safety technology, and programme and optimise the system. We work closely with our suppliers, well-known robot manufacturers, during the entire implementation process.