SOMA test systems – Trust is good, inspection is better

SOMA test systems are suitable for various aspects of your quality assurance process. Various monitoring options using SOMA test systems result in optimum control of your products. For which application areas are our test systems intended?

  • You are producing complex electronic or mechatronic modules and have to verifiable document their quality over the entire value chain. You can use SOMA test systems to assure this inspection process.

  • Your products must have a demonstrably long service life and exhibit the same product features under extreme temperature and climatic conditions.

  • You want to review your suppliers' delivery quality.

  • You need to conduct objective assessments of subjective product features (feel, noise or uniformity of product lighting, etc.).
  • Due to the large number and variety of manufactured products, it essential from an investment assurance perspective to have flexible and reusable test and analysis options within production and the accompanying departments.
  • You are looking for a partner to help you realise your automated end of line (EOL) functional testing equipment. This proven test systems expert must also provide innovative automation concepts, and thus offer a holistic project approach from conception to realisation.

  • You are developing and producing products for the automotive, switchgear, electrical equipment or photovoltaic industry.

SOMA test systems for your products

Learn about our testing technology products and services. Out test system experts will be happy to provide advice via the SOMA service hotline if you call +49(0) 2355 / 508 28-0, Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm.

Functional testing

Functional testing of electronic and mechatronic products at the end of a production value chain is an integral part of a quality assurance strategy.

Haptic testing

Haptic testing is becoming increasingly important due to the widespread proliferation of switches and buttons in many products, irrespective of sector.

Optical inspection

Automatic optical inspections originate from the production of electronic parts, where appropriate tests are conducted following assembly and soldering, but before a functional test.

Analysis & warranty testing

Use our SOMA flexLAB® analysis and warranty test equipment to efficiently manage different test requirements within your company and production process.

Run-in & screening inspections

A run-in inspection detects faults resulting from defective components, which would only occur under load and in varying temperature conditions.

Endurance testing

Endurance testing during production, as opposed to a HALT test during development, is conducted to find and remove production errors.