SOMA flexLAB – Analysis and warranty testing

Use our SOMA flexLAB® analysis and warranty test equipment to efficiently manage different test requirements within your company and its production processes. flexLAB is particularly suitable for the following application scenarios:

  • During the warranty period your customer returns products marked as faulty. These require a documented evaluation.

  • One of your products installed at a customer's premises has to be quickly analysed „in-situ“ to enable malfunctions to be analysed and evaluated under the influence of the real hardware environment.

  • You do not want to develop a costly analysis device specifically for each of your products.

  • You want to conduct a production-related analysis to enable the rapid identification and resolution of process errors or product faults, which have resulted in failures on multiple occasions during final functional testing.

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flexLAB®; product brochure (PDF; 340 KB)

SOMA flexLAB® for analysis and warranty testing is suitable in production, for mobile applications and in the laboratory.