Functional testing

SOMA functional testing

Efficiently implement test specifications within your testing systems.

Functional testing of electronic and mechatronic products

Functional testing of electronic and mechatronic products at the end of a production value chain is an integral part of a quality assurance strategy. This is where product faults and process errors are detected and also where value-adding processes are increasingly being implemented, including product finalisation, the determination and collation of required adjustment and correction factors, etc.

The growing competitive pressure on volume manufacturers and their ever shorter innovation cycles necessitate standardised hardware and software platforms for functional testing, providing open system architectures as the basis for efficient implementation of the relevant test specification.

Example: keyless entry tester

This video shows a system for the full functional testing of printed circuit boards for keyless entry ID sensors. These electronic modules are installed in keyless entry systems for vehicles.

Functional testing with open hardware and software architecture

The flexTSA Hybrid from SOMA.

The modular flexTSA in-house tester from SOMA Test Technology features a configurable number of measurement and stimulation systems that are adapted to the sampling hardware by means of innovative multiplex and load modules using interchangeable specimen-specific „front-end“ slide-in modules.

This functional testing device with a scalable number of channels is based on standard components and bus systems. Since its development, it has been proven itself many times during production and is superior to previous proprietary solutions due to its open architecture and resulting flexibility.

The entire functional scope of SOMA functional testing is mapped by modular software blocks that are grouped together in libraries and can thus be integrated into a variety of development environments used in creating automatic test sequences.

More power for the drive of e-cars

We have developed a fully automatic test system for drive controllers that can test a more powerful drive in the e-mobility sector (800 V+). The result is trend-setting for the industry.

flexTSA - Next generation universal functional testing

We offer you the testing system that fits your project scope. The SOMA flexTSA works modularly and can be extended by the required components at any time.

SOMA functional testing – Multiple interfaces, one point of contact

The integration of mechanics, electronics and software requires a broad range of skills on the part of testing technology supplier, particularly regarding the functional testing of mechatronic modules. As your partner for system solutions, „SOMA Test Technology“ delivers complete functional testing systems consisting of hardware and software and also takes responsibility for realising mechanical and electrical adaptation and integration into the production process.

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flexTSA product brochure (E-Paper)

Block diagram of the SOMA flexTSA.