Endurance testing

SOMA endurance testing

In contrast to HALT testing (highly accelerated life testing) that accompanies development, by means of which design faults can be detected, endurance testing accompanying production is conducted to detect production faults and defective products.

Preventing field failures by means of endurance testing

The so-called HASS method (highly accelerated stress screen) used for this purpose is based on artificial ageing of a product. The aim is the early identification of production-related vulnerabilities, which otherwise would only be discovered after prolonged operation. This type of endurance testing uses artificial ageing to detect fault-free products that are not at risk in terms of their functionality.
"Sequence software endurance testing"

Dedicated software and hardware solutions for SOMA endurance testing

As a manufacturer of production-related endurance testing benches for mechanical, electrical and mechatronic products, we have to use the electrical and mechanical interfaces of the products to be tested, in particular their load and application conditions, to simulate them in our test benches.
SOMA Test Technology has developed a dedicated test software environment with freely definable load cases and extensive visualisation and evaluation options that is used to develop control, stimulation and measuring tasks and forms the basis for numerous realistic endurance testing benches.